Italian family members

Italian family names

Do you know the italian family ? In this lesson I want to talk to you about the family in italian, I want to introduce my family members and let you know how to write and pronounce the names of family members in Italian.

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Take a look to the video lesson about italian family names :


In this lesson about the names of Italian family members, you learned how to say father in Italian, mother, brothers and sisters, grandfather and grandmother, uncle and aunt, cousins and grandchildren.


Italian family members

Italian family members

Now let’s review the names of the family members in Italian with the translation :


Mom or Mother: Mamma o Madre
Dad or Father: Papà o Padre
Sister or Brother: Sorella o Fratello
Uncle or Aunt: Zio e Zia
Grandmother or Grandfather: Nonna o Nonno
Parents: Genitori
Grandparents: Nonni
Wife or Husband: Moglie o Marito
Cousin: Cugina/o
Children: Bambino
Married: Sposati
Only Child: Figlio unico
Niece: Nipote femmina per zia o zio.
Nephew: Nipote maschio per zia o zio
Son: Figlio maschio
Daughter: Figlia femmina
Sister-in-law: Cognata
Brother-in-law: Cognato
Daughter-in-law: Nuora
Father-in-law: Suocero
Son-in-law: Genero
Grandaughter o Grandson: Nipote maschio o femmina per nonno o nonna



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