Italian Grammar lesson 1 – Alphabet

Italian grammar :


In this lesson you can learn italian alphabet

a set of letters or symbols in a fixed order, used to represent the basic sounds of a language; in particular, the set of letters from A to Z



Numero Lettera Nome IPA
1 A, a a /a/
2 B, b bi /b/
3 C, c ci /k/ o /tʃ/
4 D, d di /d/
5 E, e e /e/ o /ɛ/
6 F, f effe /f/
7 G, g gi /ɡ/ o /dʒ/
8 H, h acca
9 I, i i /i/ o /j/
10 L, l elle /l/
11 M, m emme /m/
12 N, n enne /n/
13 O, o o /o/ o /ɔ/
14 P, p pi /p/
15 Q, q cu /k(w)/
16 R, r erre /r/
17 S, s esse /s/ o /z/
18 T, t ti /t/
19 U, u u /u/ o /w/
20 V, v vu/vi /v/
21 Z, z zeta /ts/ o /dz/

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