Learn italian – Lesson 6 – Conversation at the bar

Learn italian with funny videos – Conversation at the bar


– Conversation at the bar 1

Silvia, posso offrirti qualcosa da bere ?

Si, grazie. Prendo una Coca Cola.

Tu cosa bevi ?

Io prendo una birra. Chiamo il cameriere per ordinare.

– Conversation at the bar 2

Ciao Luigi, come stai ?

Bene grazie.

Beviamo qualcosa ?

Si, io vorrei un vino rosso.

D’accordo, anch’io bevo un bicchiere di vino ma

il bianco.

Avviciniamoci al bancone per ordinare al barista.

-Conversation at the bar 3

Ti posso offrire qualcosa da bere ?

Si, grazie. Bevo un caffè con una bustina di zucchero.

Bene, lo prendo anch’io. Vuoi anche dell’acqua ?

Si, gasata grazie.

Io la preferisco naturale.

– Conversation at the bar 4

Buona sera signori, prendete qualcosa da bere ?

Buona sera, io vorrei un succo d’arancia.
Avete anche qualcosa da mangiare ?

Si, abbiamo panini, tramezzini e toast.
Prendo un panino con pomodoro e mozzarella.

Io vorrei una limonata con ghiaccio e un tramezzino con

prosciutto e formaggio, grazie.

Quanto le devo ?

Paga 11 euro in totale.

Learn italian at the bar

Learn italian at the bar


Conversation at the bar 1

Silvia, can I get you something to drink?

Yes thanks. I take a Coke.

What do you drink?

I’ll take a beer. I call the waiter to order.

Conversation at the bar 2

Hello Luigi, how are you?

Fine, thanks.

Let’s drink something ?

Yes, I want a red wine.

Okay, I have a glass of wine but prefer

Let’ go to the counter to order the bartender.
Conversation at bar

Conversation at the bar 3

Can I get you something to drink?

Yes thanks. I drink a coffee with one sugar packet.

Well, I take it too. Do you also want water?

Yes, sparkling thanks.

I prefer natural.

– Conversation at the bar 4

Good evening , do you want something to drink?

Good evening, I’d like an orange juice.
Do you also have something to eat ?

Yes, we have panini, sandwiches and toast.
I take a sandwich with tomato and mozzarella.

I would like a lemonade with ice and a sandwich with ham

and cheese, thanks.

How much do I owe you ?

Should pay 11 Euros in total. Thank you.

Conversation at the bar










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3 Responses so far.

  1. Isabel Medel says:

    When do the “pronomi personali complento”
    go before or after the verb
    For Example sometimes I see
    Posso offrirTI
    but sometimes I see
    TI possi offrire?
    CI vediamo

    I think it depends on the type of sentence, like if it’s a question or an order. Can you clarify?

    Thank You!

    • Ciao Isabel.
      Exactly!These are pronoun particles. Depending on the phrase or verb, you can put in front or after.
      Usually go before the verb.

      After the verb :
      If there are two verbs in the sentence, imperative or gerund verbs.

      – Passo a prenderTI alle 8
      In this sentence there are two verbs: passare and prendere -IO passo a prendere TE ; then put the pronoun after the verb prendere – prenderTI

      If there is a verb in the imperative:

      – avviciniamoCI al bancone (If you ask a question, it’s before= CI avviciniamo al bancone? )

      – portaMI quel libro (MI porti quel libro ? )

      – spostateVI da li ( Vi spostate da li ?)
      It puts after the verb

      with gerund (ing)

      GuardandoTI sembri molto felice

      The questions :
      TI posso offrire un caffè ? Posso offrirTI un caffè ? both are correct

      I hope I have helped you

  2. Waila says:


    Please let me know how to activate subtitles while watching the video.
    Thank you.

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