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Conversation in italian between doctor and patient

conversation in italian

Conversation in italian – At the doctor In this video lesson you will learn how to make a conversation in Italian at the doctor. It could happen that might have needed medical attention while you’re in Italy, so you have to know some phrases and words in italian that can hepl you to […]

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Telephone conversation in italian – Pronto ! – Useful phrases to make a call

Useful phrases at the phone in italian

Telephone conversation in italian    In this video lesson you can watch a telephone conversation in italian, with formal and informal phrases. We’ll learn how to have a conversation in italian at the phone in the best way for all situations. You can learn to use polite questions with ” potrei “ and […]

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Useful italian phrases at the hotel

Useful italian phrases at the hotel Hi friends, in this new video lesson ” Useful italian phrases at the hotel “, I would help you to learn some common italian sentences that can be helpful to book a room at the  hotel in Italian language. If you are a tourist in Italy , you […]

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