Italian Grammar

Here you can understand everything about italian grammar :

phonics, orthography, morphology, lexical, syntax .

Italian grammar, morphology, syntax and verbs
Italian Grammar



Grammar Lesson  – Alphabet  – Alfabeto italiano

Grammar Lesson – Articles    –    Gli articoli in italiano

Grammar Lesson – Nouns   – I nomi

Grammar Lesson  -Italian  Pronouns  – I pronomi

Grammar Lesson – Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives – Aggettivi e pronomi possessivi

Grammar Lesson – Italian Verbs – Verbi italiani

–  Italian verbs : Fare

Modal verbs in italian

Grammar lesson – Italian subjunctive – Il modo congiuntivo New !

Grammar Lesson – Use of Apostrophe – New ! L’apostrofo

Grammar video lesson – Italian adjectives  New ! Gli aggettivi

Grammar Lesson – Comparatives and superlatives New ! Comparativi e superlativi


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