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How to order food in italian – At the restaurant

How to ask for the bill in italian

How to order food in italian  In this video lesson we’ll learn how to order food in italian at the restaurant. We will see how to ask to bring the menu, how to order drink,appetizers, the main course,the  second course, the dessert, coffee and how to ask for the bill in […]

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Use of Apostrophe in italian language (‘)

Use of apostrophe in italian

USE OF APOSTROPHE IN ITALIAN LANGUAGE In this lesson we’ll talk about the use of apostrophe in italian language: The apostrophe is one of the most important signs of italian orthography,It serves to make more fluent expression by combining two separated words. In questa lezione parleremo dell’uso dell’apostrofo nella lingua italiana: […]

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Italian verbs

Italian verbs - conjugations

Italian verbs The verb is the variable part of the speech; its variability responds to 4 features The tense : present, past, future …. The mood : indicative, subjunctive …. The number : singular, plural The person : first, second and third The verb indicates the actions taken or suffered  by […]

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Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives – Learn Italian language


POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS I PRONOMI E GLI AGGETTIVI POSSESSIVI In this lesson we’ll talk about possessive pronouns and adjectives in italian I possessivi servono per indicare a chi appartiene una persona, un animale o una cosa. Esempio : La tua giacca è rossa Tua indica che la giacca appartiene a te, tu sei […]

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Personal pronouns – Pronomi-Learn italian – grammar

Personal pronouns In this lesson we’ll learn to use personal pronouns in italian I PRONOMI Il pronome è quella parte del discorso che sostituisce un nome, permettendo di indicare una persona o una cosa senza nominarli in modo diretto  PRONOUNS Pronoun is that part of the speech that replaces a name, […]

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Learn italian – Lesson 5 – PROPER AND COMMON NOUNS

Learn italian – PROPER AND COMMON NOUNS NOMI PROPRI E NOMI COMUNI ENGLISH Hi all friends, today I am in Naples one of the most beautiful and characteristic cities of Italy. In this lesson we will talk about :  PROPER  AND COMMON NOUNS PROPER NOUNS refer to specific people :  […]

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Italian articles – determinative and indeterminative articles

Learn Italian articles

    Articoli determinativi e indeterminativi     In italiano l’articolo ha due caratteristiche: 1 ) l’articolo precede sempre il nome (Ho letto un libro) o precede l’aggettivo che qualifica il nome a cui si riferisce ( Ho letto un bel libro ) 2) concorda in genere (maschile o femminile) […]

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Italian Grammar lesson 1 – Alphabet

Italian grammar : Alphabet In this lesson you can learn italian alphabet a set of letters or symbols in a fixed order, used to represent the basic sounds of a language; in particular, the set of letters from A to Z   Numero Lettera Nome IPA 1 A, a a […]

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