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Modal verbs in italian


Modal verbs in italian Do you know what  are modal verbs in italian ? Do you know when and how to use modal verbs in italian ? In this lesson we’ll talk about the italian verbs “VOLERE “ “DOVERE” “POTERE” ,these are called verbs “servili” or modal verbs. I verbi “VOLERE”, […]

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Italian verbs : FARE

Italian verb fare

Italian verbs : FARE Do you know how to use the italian verb FARE  ? In this lesson ” Italian verbs : FARE ”  we’ll know a new verb in italian language, we’ll learn how to connjugate the verb “FARE” in italian. “Fare” is a verb of the  first conjugation […]

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Italian subjunctive – Il congiuntivo

Il congiuntivo presente

Italian subjunctive – Il modo congiuntivo In this lesson we’ll talk about the italian subjunctive ( Il modo congiuntivo in italiano ) What is the italian subjunctive mood ?   The subjunctive is used to express opinion, emotion, wish, hope. After a verb or phrase expressing possibility or probability.   Che […]

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Daily routine in italian – How to describe your typical day in italian

My daily routine

Daily routine in italian Language  – How to describe your typical day in italian Routine giornaliera in lingua italiana – Come descrivere la tua giornata tipica in italiano. Daily routine video ( You can activate the Youtube subtitles in your language ) ( Puoi attivare i sottotitoli di Youtube nella […]

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Italian verbs

Italian verbs - conjugations

Italian verbs The verb is the variable part of the speech; its variability responds to 4 features The tense : present, past, future …. The mood : indicative, subjunctive …. The number : singular, plural The person : first, second and third The verb indicates the actions taken or suffered  by […]

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