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ask for directions in italian language

HOW TO ASK FOR DIRECTIONS In this video lesson we’ll learn how to ask for directions in italian. When you visit a new country, it happens very often that you will need to ask for directions. This is one of the most important things to learn. Watch this video lesson […]

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Learn italian – Lesson 6 – Conversation at the bar

Learn italian at the bar

Learn italian with funny videos – Conversation at the bar   – Conversation at the bar 1 Silvia, posso offrirti qualcosa da bere ? Si, grazie. Prendo una Coca Cola. Tu cosa bevi ? Io prendo una birra. Chiamo il cameriere per ordinare. – Conversation at the bar 2 Ciao […]

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Learn italian online – I introduce myself – Lezione 1

introduce myself in italian

This is a new website to learn italian with funny videos, Learn a new language while having fun is the best way to learn. This is the first video on this website : Learn italian – How to introduce yourself in italian Language   Luca : Ciao a tutti, il […]

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Learn italian Lezione 2 – Know other people

Introduce yourself in italian

Know other people in italian – Conoscere altre persone In this little video lesson, we’ll learn how to know other people in italian language, how to ask  were are you from  in italian language, how to say bye in italian, goodbye, how old are you in italian, and other phrases […]

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