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Names of bathroom items in italian

Names of items in the bathroom in italian

Names of bathroom items in italian In this third video lesson  of the series ” Names of objects in the house in italian ” we’ll learn the names of bathroom items in italian, we will see how to pronunce the names of some objects you can find in the bathroom. In the […]

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Names of household items in italian – Kitchen


Italian Lesson 1 – Italian words – Names of household items in italian – Kitchen –    Hello everyone, I decided to create some video lessons to learn the names of household items  in italian.It’s very important to know many italian words . In this first lesson we’ll learn the name of […]

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Personal pronouns – Pronomi-Learn italian – grammar

Personal pronouns In this lesson we’ll learn to use personal pronouns in italian I PRONOMI Il pronome è quella parte del discorso che sostituisce un nome, permettendo di indicare una persona o una cosa senza nominarli in modo diretto  PRONOUNS Pronoun is that part of the speech that replaces a name, […]

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Learn italian – Lesson 5 – PROPER AND COMMON NOUNS

Learn italian – PROPER AND COMMON NOUNS NOMI PROPRI E NOMI COMUNI ENGLISH Hi all friends, today I am in Naples one of the most beautiful and characteristic cities of Italy. In this lesson we will talk about :  PROPER  AND COMMON NOUNS PROPER NOUNS refer to specific people :  […]

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