Italian adjectives – Describe a person

Italian adjectives  – How to describe a person in italian

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If you have to describe a person needs to know adjectives. In this video lesson  we’ll learn how to describe people in italian language

Italian adjectives must agree in gender (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or plural) with the noun they refer.

For example :

⇒ Luana è simpatica → Luana is nice

⇒ Luca è simpatico → Luca is nice

⇒ Luana e Luca sono simpatici → Luana e Luca are nice

To describe a person, about the physical appearance or character  you have to use principally qualifying adjectives.

The qualifying adjectives gives a quality to the noun.

List of italian adjectives to describe character :

Calmo – calm

Implusivo – impulsive

Sensibile – sensitive

Sicuro di sé – confident

Testa calda – hot headed

Allegro – cheerful

Generoso – generous

Gentile – Kind

Cattivo – mean

Matto – crazy

Serio – serious

Onesto – Honest

Disonesto – dishonest

Lunatico – moody

Pigro – lazy

Intelligente – intelligent

Ottuso – unintelligent

Stupido – stupid

Felice – happy

Triste – sad

Divertente – funny

Educato – polite

Maleducato – rude

Noioso – boring

Paziente – patient

Presuntuoso – conceited

Italian adjectives

Italian adjectives to describe the physical appearance of a person

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Text :

Hello to all friends!
Today I am in Alberobello, in Puglia, renowned for its
houses called Trulli.
I’m here with some friends, Giovanna, Luana and Nicola.

In this lesson we will talk about adjectives, we will
learn to describe the physical appearance of a person.

Let’s get started!

Giovanna has bobbed brown hair, .
She has brown eyes and wears glasses.
The nose of Giovanna is round, bulbous.

She is fat and short. Giovanna is ugly!
Sorry Giovanna, I say this only for the lesson!

Wearing a green shirt, brown pants and black shoes.

We now turn to Luana.

She is blonde and has green eyes. She has a fine nose and
a beautiful fleshy mouth. She is tall and thin and has a
fair complexion.

She has very long legs and a beautiful body.

Wearing a blue jersey and shorts blacks.
Even the shoes are black.

Luana is beautiful.

We now describe the physical appearance of Nicholas:

He is a very tall and robus man.
He is bald, and has a black beard.
Nicola has blue eyes and a very long nose.He is wearing a
purple shirt, long and blu sky pants.

The shoes are gray.
Congratulations on your clothing Nicola!


How to describe a person


Next lesson we’ll see the degrees of adjectives

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If you have any questions about Italian adjectives, write a comment below, I’ll answer as soon as possible.

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