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This is a new website to learn italian with funny videos, Learn a new language while having fun is the best way to learn.

This is the first video on this website :

Learn italian – How to introduce yourself in italian Language


Luca : Ciao a tutti, il mio nome è Luca, ho 32 anni e sono qui per aiutarvi ad imparare l’italiano
in modo semplice e divertente.
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Learn italian - Introduce myself in italian










Luca : Hello everyone, my name is Luca, I’m 32 and I’m here to help you to learn Italian
easily  and fun.
Let’s start with the next video!

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Other ways to present yourself :

  • Ciao, il mio nome è Luca.
  • Piacere, Luca.
  • Piacere di conoscerti, mi chiamo Luca.
  • Ciao, sono Luca, molto piacere.

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